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Do you care passionately about green spaces for communities?  Are you a collaborative  person who is good at chairing meetings and facilitating positive conversations?  Do you enjoy making connections? If so, this role could be for you.  You won't need to commit a huge amount of time - the Chair's role primarily revolves around our 6 meetings a year. What matters are your interpersonal skills and your passion. 

Green Tides is the partnership across Adur and Worthing for about 40 'Friends of' groups who work in parks, cemeteries, beaches and other wild spaces, improving the natural habitat and enabling the community to take action to improve the natural environment around them.  Green spaces have always been important to individual and community well being - but perhaps never more so than during this COVID-19 lockdown period. And the collaboration between our groups is also more important than ever as we share ideas about how to re-start and increase the community's involvement in nurturing its green spaces.  

Green Tides brings these groups together to share knowledge and resources, promote the amazing work of our members and collaborate with partners including local businesses, charities and the Council. 

Green Tides is a small, thriving, volunteer-led group, with a simple constitution and clear purpose. Our current Chair is Michelle Furtado.  Michelle needs to stand down in the next few months and so we are looking for a new volunteer  to take over. 

The Chair's role is an ongoing commitment but doesn't demand a huge amount of time. The key tasks are to:

  • Arrange the meetings and coordinate the agenda (6 times a year - every second month on a Tuesday evening).
  • Chair the meetings.
  • Between the meetings, link up our Friends groups with other organisations which can offer help such as volunteers, funding, training, conservation expertise and IT expertise. 
  • Keep in touch with other committee members between meetings and ensure they have the support they need to carry out their role. 
  • Welcome new groups to Green Tides.

You will get plenty of support in taking on the role - from Michelle our current chair, other committee members and our partner - TCV Growing Communities.

We are still recruiting to this role despite the COVID-19 lockdown. So if you're interested, please get in touch and we can talk via phone, email or zoom. 


We are looking for someone with strong interpersonal skills who:

  • Is comfortable working with 40 or so community groups who have a diverse range of skills and areas of interest.  
  • Has a collaborative and inclusive approach - able to hear differing points of view and to facilitate agreements that best meet the needs of Green Tides.
  • Has a strong interest in greenspaces and communities and a real desire to build stronger links and connections between our 40 or so vibrant community groups and Adur & Worthing councils, local businesses and other relevant organisations.
  • A can do' attitude and a desire to get stuck in and to make a difference!

You don't need to have a specific type of experience. You may have developed these skills and personal qualities through your personal interests and hobbies, paid work or volunteering.


  • A great opportunity to really be linked in with local communities and the amazing diversity of voluntary activity that takes place across Adur and Worthing. 
  • It's a real opportunity to learn, grow and to develop opportunities locally that really make a difference to Adur and Worthing's greenspaces and the volunteers who help to enhance and look after them.
  • The community groups we support are a fun and positive bunch of people to be involved with and Green Tides' meetings are positive, inspiring and uplifting!

Practical Considerations

You will need to use your own computer and phone for this work. 

When do I need to be available?

Details You will chair six Green Tides meetings a year on a Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm every second month. You must be able to attend these meetings. The venue alternates between Worthing (generally the Town Hall) and Adur (usually the Shoreham Centre). The time commitment outside these meetings is not significant - about 1-2 hours a week on average and there is considerable flexibility on when and how you spend this time.
Morning Afternoon Evening

Where does this role take place?

Adur and Worthing



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