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We are looking for a volunteer to join our advocacy team in Brighton and Hove. This will primarily be to help run a 2 hour, weekly advocacy drop-in session in Brighton. Your supervisior will be on site to help with any issues that may arise. We also have opportunities for case work, which works on a 1-2-1 basis.

The role involves

•    Respecting your partner as an individual.
•    Listening to what your partner has to say.
•    Respecting the confidentiality of your partner.
•    Maintaining regular contact with your advocacy partner.
•    Helping your partner access information and services.
•    Ensuring your partner is aware of choices available to him/her.
•    Encouraging your partner to advocate for him/herself where appropriate.
•    Representing the views of your advocacy partner as and when appropriate.
•    Supporting your partner in the decisions s/he makes.
•    Attending regular supervision sessions with your advocacy worker.
•    Attending training events as necessary.


An advocate will
•    Be non-judgemental.
•    Have good listening skills.
•    Be able to communicate effectively at various levels.
•    Understand the need to respect confidentiality.
•    Be able to cope with stressful situations.
•    Have the potential to deal effectively with challenging behaviour.
•    Have the time to meet his/her partner on a regular basis.
•    Have time, and be willing, to attend training and supervision sessions as required.
•    Be committed to equal opportunities.
•    Be willing to develop his/her knowledge and skills.
•    Be independent from her/his partner’s service providers.


  • We provide ongoing training and regular supervision.
  • We cover expenses.
  • The role is flexible to your availability. We ask for a minimum of 3 hours a week but, on the whole, this can be when it suits you during the working week.

Practical Considerations

Training and some meetings are sometimes unable to be changed to fit around your flexibility. We ask that you try to respond to emails or phonecalls as soon as possible and let us know if this is not possible. We understand that volunteers have other commitments so with enough warning your supervisor will be able to support with this.

When do I need to be available?

Details We ask for a minimum of 3 hours a week but this can be when it suits you during the working week.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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