Community Ambassadors for Diverse Ethnic Communities

Sussex Health and Care Partnership

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We are looking for volunteers to be Community Ambassadors for Diverse Ethnic communities and help change future NHS and social care services in Sussex.

People from diverse ethnic communities experience some of the biggest health inequalities, even more since the start of the pandemic. It is really important to hear directly from people in those communities so that we can fully understand the challenges communities are facing and work together to create solutions.

Community Ambassadors are part of an exciting new way of helping the Sussex Health and Care Partnership to understand what is important to your community and make sure local health and care services are what your community needs.


We are looking for 10 members of the public from diverse ethnic communities to become Community Ambassadors. The role of a Community Ambassador might include;

Engaging with your community, trying to make contact with people to talk to them about health and care services in the area and to find out their views.

Doing office-based work, giving advice and support to NHS programmes across Sussex and helping to make decisions about health and care services.


  • Connecting with your community around health and social care.
  • Sharing understanding and insight into diverse ethnic communities.
  • Supporting NHS programmes across Sussex to reduce health inequalities.  

Practical Considerations

Community Ambassadors receive expenses. This will likely be a primarily virtual role at this time due to ongoing Covid considerations.

When do I need to be available?

Details This role will be varied in levels of involvement; ongoing communication will be maintained with the volunteer around their availability and participation preferences.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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