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The Enso Mentoring project works with the NHS and National Probation Service to support individuals with a history of offending and complex needs/personality disorders. The project works to support these individuals when they are working towards release/immediately after release from prison to help them resettle safely in the community. Service Users often have a history of violent/sexual offending and Enso Volunteers work under the supervision of a trained professional, alongside other agencies, to help them build positive lives post-release. Community volunteers can support service users in a variety of ways. subject to the needs and personal circumstances of the individual. These can include - prison visits, letter writing, phone calls whilst in custody, or community paired/group mentoring.

Support is offered to individuals for as long as they may need it, therefore volunteers will often work with a specific service user over a period of 6-12 months. Support offered is flexible.


No experience necessary!

Our volunteers need to be resilient, motivated and committed. They need to have good communication skills, work well as part of a team and be good at building relationships.

We are looking for empathic, non-judgmental individuals from all walks of life who have an interest in community safety and supporting others, and who themselves have a firm set of personal boundaries. Volunteers should also be willing to be flexible and work with the needs of the individual they are supporting, whilst following the guidance of their supervisor.


  1. Full training provided - focused on working with people complex needs/personality disorders/high risk offenders as well as additional supplementary training in related areas
  2. Excellent opportunity to gain experience working with offenders and individuals with multiple societal needs
  3. Expenses paid.

Practical Considerations

Mentoring opportunities available across Sussex.

Volunteers should be willing to provide weekly support to the service users they are working with. For paired/group mentoring arrangements this will usually mean a weekly meeting for 1-2 hours plus travel/admin time.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

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