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Thousand for £1000 (T4K)

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T4K has received funding (from NACCOM, a national organisation tackling destitution amongst asylum seekers and migrants) to provide loans to those migrants seeking leave to remain who are not able to pay the high costs of application.  The scheme requires successful applicants to repay the loan over time, and also to raise the fee charged by the Claimants Union for their administration costs.
Repayment of the loans has been working well, but the applicants are finding it difficult to raise funds to repay the £250 costs of the loan arrangements made by the CU. T4K are seeking a volunteer to work alongside the successful applicants, either individually or more likely jointly, to find ways of raising the funds.  This might be through organising events or other activities.
T4K is a registered charity providing housing and support to migrants in Brighton and Hove who are seeking leave to remain in the UK.  At present these individuals are not entitled to welfare benefits or public funding.


In discussions with some of the successful applicants you find out that they are keen to work together to organise an event to raise money for the Claimants Union fee.  So a group is formed to run the event.  It becomes clear that a musical event is their preferred choice but they need advice and support in getting one off the ground. You are able to help them by putting them in touch with people who have done this before, by helping them to plan the event and a strategy for getting musicians willing to assist for a low fee, hiring a venue etc.  Social media publicity and leafleting are sorted and the event is a great success.


  • Knowledge and experience of fundraising activities.
  • Ability to support individuals and small groups to devise, organise and run fundraising activities.
  • Ability to empathise with individuals who have been forced to move from their own countries.
  • Problem solving in a joint partnership.
  • Team working, flexibility and good communication.


  1. Opportunity to make a real difference to people seeking independence by providing support.
  2. Supportive team working in a progressive organisation.
  3.  Training, depending on the level of expertise, will be provided either directly or through partner organisations.

Practical Considerations

The opportunities will arise as individuals are successful in applying for the loans. So flexibility is key as there will be some prior notice but the outcome of applications is not always certain.

Peer supervision will be provided.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

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