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Thousand for £1000 (T4K)

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Alongside other volunteers from the T4K Care & Support group, you will assist  migrants who have been granted leave to remain, to move from the housing supplied by T4K, to housing in the private or social housing sector.
This may involve (depending on circumstances):

•    Helping people to access any help available to them from Brighton & Hove Council’s Housing Options team and Homelessness team
•    Helping people to look for private rented accommodation
•    Helping people to apply for social housing via HomeMove
•    Helping people to apply for Universal Credit

These moves will have been agreed with the individuals who will be keen to move on but who face a challenge in dealing with the bureaucracy and the shortage of housing in Brighton and Hove.  You will make a major contribution to their well-being and independence by providing informed support and guidance.
T4K  A registered charity providing housing and support to migrants in Brighton and Hove who are seeking leave to remain.


  • Ability to learn the basic rules and regulations around housing and personal benefits.  Training and support will be available so you will be able to learn the basics quickly enough. There are other sources of advice on benefits so this role does not require expert knowledge.
  • Ability to empathize with individuals who have been homeless and who have been forced to move from their own countries.
  • Problem solving in a joint partnership.
  • Team working, flexibility and good communication.


  1. Opportunity to make a real difference to people seeking independence by providing informed support.
  2. Supportive team working in a progressive organisation.
  3.  Peer supervision will be provided.

Practical Considerations

The opportunities will arise as individuals gain remain to leave. So flexibility is key as there will be some prior notice but the outcome of appeals etc is always rather uncertain.

The time constaints are elastic as it is recognised that it does take some time to find accommodation satisfying both the individual’s preferences and the limits of benefit funding.

The level of support required will vary from individual to individual and will be negotiable. As support will also be provided by the key volunteer, it will be possible to plan the level and timing of support on the housing issues.

It is likely that there will be only one individual, or couple, seeking rehousing at any particular time.

Some monitoring of changes to the benefit system and to the level of housing supply in Brighton and Hove will be required.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

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