Smarter Uniforms - Non Executive Director

Brighton and Hove Fair Trade Steering Group

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Smarter Uniforms is an innovative school uniform reuse scheme that tackles both waste and lack of affordability of school uniforms for many parents. We are currently seeking a non-executive director who can help us develop key partnerships and acquire funding in order for us to gain more coverage of schools across Brighton and Hove and beyond.

We invite people to apply who ideally have experience at the early stages of the set up of a new organisation and who have experience of bringing in the proper level of resources needed. A key part of this role will be to work with the Smarter Uniforms executive team to decide our new legal entity structure in order to gain funding to support our growth. You will also oversee the implementation of a new strategy as we work with an ever-increasing student population in 2020 and 2021.


The following skills are desirable but not essential:

  • Experience providing strategy to a start up organisation
  • Good knowledge of legal entity structures and funding
  • Passionate about sustainability and creating alternatives to a clothing system that is harmful to people and the environment

You will be required to:

  • Be available to meet three hours once every three months to review the strategy and financial position of the organisation
  • Ensure staff are delivering on expectations and meeting our objectives and legal commitments
  • ┬áMonitor impact and performance


  1. Provide exposure to a wide network of organisations working together to address the environmental and social impact of clothing manufacture, waste and care.

  2. Be part of a positive and innovative solution for the next generation to adapt to the challenges of climate change.

  3. Be part of a team committed to providing solutions that eliminate the stigma of second hand and ensuring the most vulnerable parts of the community will engage and benefit from the financial savings to parents that Smarter Uniforms can deliver.

When do I need to be available?

Details 3 hours every 3 months.
Morning Afternoon Evening

Where does this role take place?

21 Queens Road

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