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We host up to 10 volunteers at a time, all year round, in shared accommodation at The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, UK. Placements run from 2-8 weeks however in some cases this can be made longer if you decide you want to stay a few more week.  

Many people who hear about our Sanctuary are interested in learning more about our work, how we care for the monkeys and what it is like behind the scenes.  We also have many overseas volunteers who are looking to practice their English in a working environment. The Monkey Sanctuary is a great place to do this!

Although volunteers do not work directly with the monkeys (who require consistent, specialised care from experienced primate care staff), they do help make sure that things run smoothly.  Volunteers help to clean the enclosures, prepare the monkey’s food, make enrichment items learn about primate species, the pet trade and medication  through our various talks and workshops. Volunteers also help with site upkeep and other daily tasks, gaining a unique insight into the work we do.

We ask for a £40 a week donation to cover food and accommodation, however please ask about our funded placements too.

Please contact for more details.


No special qualifications are needed, we just ask for volunteers to be enthusiastic and hard-working with a general concern for animals and the environment. You need to be over the age of 18 and have a good working knowledge of the English language.


  1. Learn key personal and professional skills needed for any career in the animal welfare sector
  2. Work in an internationally renowned sanctuary which deliver a high standard of care
  3. Work with and alongside like-minded people in the beautiful Cornish countryside.

Practical Considerations

You must be physically fit and able to cope with the work, and the working environment. The site in situated on a hill on the coast, so working environment is steep and open to all whether conditions.

You must have at least a level B in English to participate. Volunteers must understand clearly what is being said when working around wild animals. It is for your safety, and the safety of others around you, including the monkeys.

Volunteers will be living in an old 19th Century house which has its quirks. Volunteers must have no serve allergies to dust and must be resilient to live in a house with other volunteers and staff. The site in also situated in a remote area of Cornwall.

When do I need to be available?

Details All year round.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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