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Would you like to do something to make Brighton and Hove an even better place to live and work?Do you like going into cafes and chatting with people not known to you?

Could you be a TABLE TALK CAFE LINK? 

TABLE TALK aims to make Brighton even more friendly by offering opportunities to talk to new people. The simple idea is that cafes have an assigned table, marked with a TABLE TALK BRIGHTON stand, where people sit if they're happy to talk to other customers. It's for everyone, alone, with a friend, child or carer.

ROLE - To be a contact between TABLE TALK BRIGHTON, a cafe and it's customers, for two or more cafes, in order to make TABLE TALK work in the best possible way for everyone. Suitable for age 18+. You choose which cafes are convenient then visit each every few weeks, have a drink and encourage people to sit and chat. Whilst there build up a relationship with the manager and customers in order to decide how to make TABLE TALK work or improve.


A good communicator/listener, friendly, reliable, committed


Meet new people, make a difference to individuals and to Brighton and Hove. Be part of a new and positive project. Flexible opportunity.

Practical Considerations

1 hour a week or more for 6 months, times to suit you. Access to email preferred. Expenses for travelling, if required, plus occasional drinks.

When do I need to be available?

Details 1 hour a week or more for 6 months, times to suit you.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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