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We are still recruiting to this role despite the COVID-19 emergency because it's important to our future. We would really like to hear from you if you're interested, even if it may not be practical for us to meet in person for some time. We could talk by phone or video link initially so you can find out more about the role and if it might be right for you. 


The Treasurer will oversee the financial matters of the charity in line with good practice and in accordance with the governing document and legal requirements. They will report to the Board of Trustees at regular intervals about the financial health of the organisation. The Treasurer will ensure that effective financial measures, controls and procedures are put in place and are appropriate for the charity. The role will be immensely rewarding, for the right person, who recognises childhood is precious, should be protected and nurtured so that current barriers to learning and mental health do not have a lasting impact on any child’s future.

Summary of Main Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Overseeing, approving and presenting budgets, accounts, financial statements and financial reports to the Board of Trustees after discussion with the Director of Finance and Resources.
  •  Being assured that the financial resources of the organisation meet its’ present and future needs and are within the charities objectives.
  •  Being instrumental in the development and implementation of appropriate financial, reserves policy and investment policies.


We are looking for someone with a finance background. You don’t need to be a fully qualified accountant. What we need is someone with the expertise to help the board interpret the financial information, provide guidance on financial strategy and assure the board that the charity has the appropriate controls and systems in place.  

You don't need to have been a trustee before - we offer training and ongoing development. What matters is your willingness to learn what it means to be a trustee and practice good governance.


  1. Experience of sitting on a board of directors/trustees - which could enhance your CV if that interests you.
  2. The opportunity to help shape the growth of a new charity. 
  3. The opportunity to contribute to improving the lives of disadvantaged children

When do I need to be available?

Details Four Board Meetings over a year and the annual AGM. The Treasurer is also required to have individual meetings with the Chair and Project Manager. Also, to represent the Charity at various events throughout the year.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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