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The treasurer is responsible for the good financial process of the group. The sort of tasks the treasurer may undertake are included below. We currently have a finance assistant that helps with the day to day aspect of collating information for processing.

  •  Check funding amounts still to use against different funds and funders.
  •  Ensure accurate records are being maintained.
  •  Ensure payments are made in a timely manner and are accurately executed.  
  •  Help when required with funding bids to make sure that finances are in order to complete the task.
  •  Compile the annual accounts with the help of the resource centre.
  •  Attend committee meetings to advise and bring ideas.

Please be aware that not all of these tasks need doing at once and 2 hours a week should be easily enough time to complete this.


The applicant must be trustworthy, impartial and methodical. The applicant should be capable of handling figures and cash and able to work reliably on own steam. Below are skills and experience that would be an advantage when applying, please don't worry if you don't have experience in all/many of these points as our current treasurer didn't have experience in all of these when he started!

  • Committed to tackling social and economic deprivation
  • Experience of financial control and budgeting
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Business or management experience
  • Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed-up
  • Good time-keeping and able to work to deadlines
  • Be willing to explain figures and present updates at committee meetings and to funders
  • Be happy to work with project manager and coordinators to develop and review budgets against funding
  • Have experience working in the not-for-profit sector.


The three main benefits to taking on this role boil down to:

The Work aspect - The current treasurer is a procurement professional and a trained accountant meaning that anything from full to top up training can be given with an excellent overview to build your knowledge from. Financially, a steady ship has been set for the coming year so it should be a good time to learn about the project without any immediate workload. VLFH implemented the system that the resource centre use to check over our accounts meaning that there is no need to rush at the end of the year to make up accounts documents. 

The Play aspect - VLFH prides itself on being the front-runner in our field locally and using everyone's different skills and sometimes thinking outside the box to achieve our goals. The people involved are all looking to provide a stable resource in the community to tackle the food and growing issues in the community. The kind and hardworking nature of not only the committee but also our leaders and volunteers means that hard work is never a limiting factor to our success. Different parts of our committee meet regularly for an assortment of activities ranging from gardening to camping to a BBQ and a pint ! We aim to include everyone if they want including in the social aspect and are open to new ideas.

The Personal Aspect -  I can only give this as the current treasurer but I imagine there are many personal benefits to working with VLFH . For me, working in the not for profit food provision sector means that you are really helping where is counts and can see that you are making a difference in peoples lives which I find uplifting and is an achievement every package delivered or workshop run . Another benefit is that the work that I have been able to do and the expertise gained has been a positive that I could talk about at interview and add to my CV . This has helped me grow professionally as well . Thirdly and finally is I have grown my network both inside and outside the project to make new friends to new professional connections that I hope will be around for years to come.  

Practical Considerations

No practical considerations per say as the position is work from home. Our systems work through Microsoft excel and our meeting are currently conducted on zoom.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

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