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Exeter Street Hall

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Our organisation is almost entirely volunteer-run, so we need to retain our current volunteers and recruit new ones by making the experience fun and rewarding, and being clear about what roles need to be filled.  A volunteer coordinator would ensure this was done by having an overview of what needs doing and who would be well-placed to do it.


A friendly, well-organised person with a few hours to spare each month would enjoy this role.  A combination of basic office/IT skills and experience of communicating with people would be ideal, perhaps but not necessarily someone with a background in HR.


  • Get to know people in the Prestonville area of Brighton.
  • Become part of a committed team keeping Exeter Street Hall at the heart of the community.
  • Benefit from training and meetings organised by Community Works for volunteer coordinators.

Practical Considerations

The hall is accessible.

Flexible hours, with volunteer meetings generally held in the evening but activities taking place at different times of day.

A local person who already understands the nature of the project would be ideal.

When do I need to be available?

Details Volunteer meetings usually held 2nd Tuesday evening of the month. Other activities could generally be carried out at any time to suit you.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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