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The WEA is a charity and the UK's largest voluntary sector provider of adult education, working in partnership to deliver education into the heart of communities.  

The WEA together with the Routes Project, offer classes, courses and training focusing on building confidence, getting up to date skills and making real progress towards better work opportunities, combined with employability focused information and advice. We are now looking for volunteer mentors to work with our Educational Co-ordinator to help in progressing a client's understanding of getting into the carpentry business. 

As a volunteer mentor you will: 

  • Understand and support the client's needs within their current journey.
  • Support the client in developing the confidence to progress in the next steps of their learning, skills, and/or self-employment.


    The Volunteer's main tasks will include: 

    • A weekly zoom meeting with the client to look at supporting the development of their learning and employment.
    • Feeding into the client's action plans as agreed with the Educational Co-ordinator and the client.
    • Recording and sending a written record of what has been discussed and agreed to the Educational Co-ordinator and the client. 
    • Complying with the WEA Code of Conduct.

    • As a volunteer you will receive ongoing support from a WEA member of staff, who will help you plan, identify your training needs and support you in resolving any problems.  

      We are recruiting for this role despite the COVID-19 emergency because it's important for our future. We would really like to hear from you if you're interested, even if it may not be practical for us to meet in person for some time. We could talk by phone or video link initially so you can find out more about the role and if it might be right for you. 


    We are looking for volunteers who are:

    • friendly, welcoming and patient;
    • reliable and trustworthy;
    • enjoy learning and helping others;
    • feel confident talking to a range of people;
    • enjoy being part of a team;
    • enjoy practical hands-on activities;
    • are passionate about education and its ability to change lives;
    • identify with the WEA's vision, mission, and values.

      Additionally for this specific role, we are looking for volunteers with the following skills: 

      • Practical experience in working and training dogs/animals.
      • Knowledge of animal behaviour.
      • Business skills
      • Knowledge of setting up a business/ being self-employed.
      • Good communicators with experience of teaching and / or mentoring




      This is an excellent opportunity to : 

                • Share your skills and experiences with other people. 
                • Do something meaningful to support another person's long term well-being. 
                • Enhance your CV. 

                Practical Considerations

                    • This opportunity is currently to be delivered remotely over Zoom.
                    • Access to computer.
                    • This role requires a DBS check.
                    • Time commitment is 1 hour weekly
                    • Reasonable out of pocket expenses will be paid subject to receipts.
                    • Interview possibly by telephone.

                    When do I need to be available?

                    Details Time commitment 1 hour weekly.
                    Morning Afternoon Evening

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                    • Equal Opportunities Policy or Statement
                    • Expenses
                      Reimbursement as per WEA Volunteer Expenses Policy. Includes travel and misc e.g. t/phone calls (will need itemised bill ),postage - require receipts for all claims.
                    • Health and Safety
                    • Induction
                    • Insurance Cover for Volunteers
                    • Other
                    • Suitable for 13 - 16 years
                    • Suitable for 16 - 18 years
                    • Suitable for a group of volunteers
                    • Support on Offer
                      Ongoing support by a member of WEA staff and Volunteer Team.
                    • This role is adaptable for different abilities
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