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Centre for Ecotherapy

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The Centre for Ecotherapy is a third sector not-for-profit social enterprise committed to supporting our citizens maintain their mental and physical wellbeing through nature-based activities. We depend on fundraising to deliver our services free-to-user. Fundraising is a never-ending task, which can take therapists away from the day-to-day tasks of creating, delivering and promoting the ecotherapy services we are dedicated to. We would be delighted to welcome a committed fundraiser to the team, in order to help ensure that our work continues.

Volunteer position initially, 3 hours per week. Sometimes more according to the needs of applications at the time, however there would be times when no work is necessary at all.

We are recruiting for this role despite the COVID-19 emergency because it's important for our future. We would really like to hear from you if you're interested, even if it may not be practical for us to meet in person for some time. We could talk by phone or video link initially so you can find out more about the role and if it might be right for you. 


Fundraising experience would be preferred however an enthusiastic person, excited by nature-based therapy and how it supports people, and with excellent research and writing abilities, would be welcome to apply.   

We would value a successful fundraiser who is able to bring in funds to finance the position alongside the core costs of the organisation  

Work from home with meetings (face-to-face or online) with centre manager and facilitators. 


  • Opportunity to actively make a difference in the local community
  • Access to the wider nature-based, environmentally innovative local and national community through the Centre's partners and work
  • Informative training in ecotherapy and social and therapeutic horticulture will be available with time served. 

Practical Considerations

The Centre is physically based at Stanmer Park. Currently the site is not on a direct bus route but is accessible by foot, bicycle, lift sharing, or car.

When do I need to be available?

Details Receiving applications between now and 14th July.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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