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We are looking for people who can support people from excluded communities to achieve their ambitions - mainly but not exclusively refugees. These could be about accessing education or employment. Volunteers will work with individuals to achieve their goals: this might be by helping to prepare CVs, practice interviews or confidence building. If you have good professional networks you should be willing to share them with customers. It is often not what you know but who you know!

The vast majority of our customers know what they want to do - they just need a hand up, an understanding of how things work in the UK, and signposting to resources that may assist.

We work with people who are over 18.

This opportunity is available within Brighton and Hove and Adur and Worthing depending on where customers live.  

We operate across England but this initiative is all about developing a presence in the above areas.


We are looking for people who have good networks (professional or personal) and are willing to use them or share them with customers. 

Ability to empower customers by providing information and advice with empathy.

Lateral thinking and common sense are valuable skills!


Flexible hours to suit you and your customer - no set times of working but probably 4 hours a month per customer depending on their needs.

Seeing customers achieve their goals and move from the margins of society to the mainstream.

Supporting people who generally get a rough deal in society through no fault of their own.

Practical Considerations

Much of the work is done on the phone and the internet.

Customers need to be met at least once face to face in a public place.

Highly flexible for busy people.

When do I need to be available?

Details This role is very flexible and is agreed by the volunteer and the customer - there are no set times and days.
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