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Terrence Higgins Trust (Brighton)

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Work Positive offers people living with HIV who are unemployed a structured professional employment development programme which can help individuals take positive steps back towards the workplace. Each participant is supported to develop and renew skills for the workplace, meet new people, explore work options and overcome personal barriers to work.

The Employment Mentor is an integral part of the support structure for each individual, providing space for the participant to ask questions, explore work ideas, reflect on their work experience and skills and gain feedback on job applications and interview technique.

The Type of Tasks/Activities you could be involved with:

  •  Providing one-to-one support to a person living with HIV who is unemployed and who has the motivation to get back into the workplace
  •  Motivating and coaching the participant to make the most out of their work experience and further opportunities.
  •  Providing practical support which could include support with job searching, CV's, job applications and preparation for interviews.
  •  Providing motivational support which could include discussing barriers to work opportunities and coaching on how to overcome these barriers.
  •  Providing reflective support which would involve discussing with the participants work experience placement and reflecting on the skills that are being gained in order to complete a Personal Development Portfolio.
  •  Encouraging and supporting participants to access other training opportunities as well as the Work Positive workshops.


  •  Excellent communication and active listening skills.
  •  Ability to motivate self and others.
  •  Experience in employment support, Information, advice and guidance and/or teaching adults.
  •  Experience of supporting clients on a one-to-one basis.
  •  Knowledge of the recruitment and employment sector will be an advantage.
  •  An understanding of HIV and related issues e.g. fear and stigma associated with HIV.
  •  Ability to give and receive support and feedback and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of commitment and reliability.
  •  A commitment to setting and maintaining appropriate personal and professional boundaries.
  •  Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  •  Commitment to representing THT in a positive and constructive way.


  1.  Gain experience in one-to-one support, motivational and coaching techniques, information giving and guidance.
  2.  Full training provided.
  3.  Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses where possible.

Practical Considerations

Desired Commitment: It is expected that the Mentor will meet with their mentee approximately once every two weeks for approximately one to one-and-a-half hours and provide feedback each session to the Programme Coordinator in the form of a short online survey.

 Restrictions:: Must be 18 years or over.

When do I need to be available?

Start Date 30/07/2019
End Date 17/08/2019
Details This volunteering is flexible. Volunteers will be matched with a Mentee and can supporting them across a time that suits them.
Morning Afternoon Evening

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  • Details
  • Suitable only for (e.g. 18+, LGBT, BAME, Women only)
  • Disabled Access
  • Equal Opportunities Policy or Statement
  • Expenses
    All volunteers will be able to claim reasonable expenses for lunch and travel.
  • Health and Safety
  • Induction
    All volunteer will be expected to complete a two-day induction training and
  • Insurance Cover for Volunteers
    THT's insurance policy covers volunteers
  • Suitable for 13 - 16 years
  • Suitable for 16 - 18 years
  • Suitable for a group of volunteers
  • Support on Offer
    Volunteers will be offered the opportunity to complete regular supervisions
  • Training
    All volunteers will be offer additional role specific training.